Most Unique Watersport

We are excited to bring you the newest, most exciting adventure on the water in Destin, Florida! We offer wakesurf trips that are exciting, family-friendly, and take place aboard a brand new, custom Mastercraft X26.

Thrilling and unique

Enjoy a day of adventure, fun and excitement on the water in Destin, Florida!

brand new boat

Relax and enjoy some sun aboard a brand-new Mastercraft X26 with plenty of comfortable amenities and space for all.

family friendly

Bring the entire family aboard to experience a wakesurfing adventure like no other. With a little practice, just about anyone is able participate.

convenient location

We pick the best location for the day based on weather conditions and surf reports. You'll receive your trip location after booking.


What is Wakesurfing?

Similar to surfing a regular wave, wakesurfing is riding a wave that our boat creates but is much easier to catch. The boat pulls you out of the water and operates at a relatively low speed. This ensures you have the opportunity to ride a continuous wave and experience the thrill of surfing, all while maintaining a safe environment for your adventure.


Your wakesurfing adventure will be aboard a Mastercraft X26 boat, brand new for the model year 2021. Trips are typically designed around 6 passengers, but the boat is big enough to hold up to two families. Everyone can enjoy the incredible scenery of the Destin area together, while creating memories and experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.
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